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Newer art at the bottom.

Note: Some pictures may contain shonen-ai/yaoi themes. If that offends you please do not click on the pictures.


*note: I can't make thumbnails on this computer, but I figured I should try to update anyway*

*all new*

Amatsu in new outfit
Amatsu in new outfit again
Queen of the Shadowmages
Shiva-looking girl again
A bunch of kids sketchs
Sharvari colored
Sharvari with leaf thingies...
Practice drawing girls
Same as above, colored
Kali and Amatsu colored in Painter
Valentine 2004 pic *mature warning*
Nonsensical Shiva with wings doodle
More of the same
Kokuhi and Shiva
Badly drawn Sharvari
Kokuhi actually looking his age
Amatsu, ribbons and wings
More ribbons
Amatsu smirking
Sharvari with wings
Shiva with wings
Older looking Parvati?
Sharvari and headdress

Manga-fied snippets

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Credit for the scene goes to Yayoi KH.

*new* 7 Panel comic of nonsense

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