Slayers Fan Art: Colored Works

Here are the colored fan art I have drawn for the anime series, The Slayers, Slayers Next, Slayers TRY, and my art for my fanfiction, Slayers Inversed. I would've liked to make an individual page for each picture with explanations and all the other interesting things that make galleries fun to browse, but as you can see, I have too many pictures to do that with. For more information than the itty bitty thumbnail and unhelpful file name, put your cursor over the picture and hopefully the alt-tag will show up...

Onto the Pictures!

Filia drinking tea. The Gang in modern clothing. Yamino Majo, Slayers Style. Filia attacks (Inversed) Filia as General of Cepheed (Inversed) Xelloss and Xelana (Inversed). Xelloss and Xellas (Inversed).
Filia (Inversed). Slayers Christmas. Xelloss (Inversed). Majo and Natty (Original). Luna Inverse. Lina Inverse. Deep Sea Dolphin (Inversed).
Dynast Grausheela (Inversed). Filia with Wings (Inversed). Filia and little Val. Majo gloats. Majo and Natty's cooking disaster. 'I hate dresses.' Majo thinking.
Majo casting Burst Flare. 'I surrender!' Hellmaster Phibrizo (Inversed). Xelana Metallium (Inversed). The Trickster Priest. Beastmaster Xellas Metallium (Inversed). Majo and Natalia with spells.
Majo in Black. Three: Filia, Xelloss and Lina. That is a secret! Surprise hug. Deep Sea Dolphin 2 (Inversed). Filia as General of Cepheed again...(Inversed). Filia in a kimono.

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