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I thought that my inner Inuyasha fangirl was long dead and gone, but it turns out just as Thea-san says: A fangirl never dies, she just occasionally get distracted by other, shinier things. So here's my Inuyasha fanart, both old and new. Sesshoumaru and company are my favorite subjects, you have been warned...

WARNING: Majo has seen the 3rd Inuyasha movie: Tenka Hadou no Ken...Now she will also fangirl Inupapa. This is your only warning...

Newer art at the top


Random comics

Go Go Fluffy!

Oekaki BBS (From Patches' wonderful board!)

First Rin and Sesshoumaru doodle

Rin and Fluffy again (ooh, flowers)

Inu no Taisho (aka Inupapa! *squee!*)



Rin and Fluffy-waist

Fluffy and Inupapa*new*

"Hmm, Ketchup..."*new*

The brothers*new*

Universal disclaimer: I do not own any characters from Inuyasha, this page is entirely for fun, not profit.

Last updated 11/28/2005

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